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Steve Tormala

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Welcome to my Cougar Calling Page.

I'm hoping to make this a GO-TO resource for ANYONE interested in the pursuit of Mountain Lions without the aid of Dogs. (Nothing against Houndsmen, but this site is about Boot pursuit!)

Use one (or all) of the 3 e-doorways below to get yourself ready to call in a Lion!

The 3 Cougar Pages:

Click HERE for Cougar Calling Products For Purchase:

     Includes my library of Live and Called recorded e-call Sounds. Tutorials. Seminars. Hand Calls. And any other products I've developed to aid in the calling of the Puma Concolor. If you want Tools and Instructions, this if the page to visit!

Click HERE to read Cougar Call-In Stories:

     This is a compilation like nowhere else! It's a collection of Cougar Calling stories from all over North America! I've categorized them, and posted them for all to read and learn from. If you have a story to contribute, PLEASE get in touch with me! The more information we have, the better we learn these awesome predators!

Click HERE to view Cougar Book Reviews:

     I've read everything I can get my hands on in reference to the Mountain Lion. I can save you some time and a few bucks by telling you what I think of some of the books and reports out there. Lots of information, and little time wasted.


Steve Tormala